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IAN Barlow
Ian Barlow
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Ian Barlow, specializes in climate diplomacy and energy transitions, with a focus on facilitating economic transition in coal-dependent regions and fostering knowledge-sharing among local stakeholders.
Ian Barlow, Swaniti Global.

Ian Barlow is a fellow at Swaniti Global for climate diplomacy and energy transitions. His current work primarily focuses on energy and economic transition in coal-dependent regions and the creation of opportunities for knowledge-sharing between local actors.

Prior to joining Swaniti, Ian worked as a senior program manager in the Energy Security and Climate Change Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).  At CSIS, he supported the program’s research agenda and led on project execution, content strategy, and the program budget. Prior to joining CSIS, he served as an advance associate for the Obama administration.

He holds bachelor’s degrees in both Russian and international studies from The Ohio State University.
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