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Nhyira Asante
Nhyira Asante
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Nhyira Asante, Executive Office Assistant at SEForAll, excels in her multifaceted role as a government liaison, project coordinator, and research support, leveraging her background as an analyst to drive impactful initiatives for a Just and Equitable Energy Transition, particularly channeling substantial investments into Sub-Saharan Africa.
Nhyira, Executive Office Assistant at SEForAll.

Nhyira Asante is an Executive Office Assistant at SEForAll, where she functions in multiple capacities as a focal point for government intervention, project coordinator and research and analytical support for key company programs driving a Just and Equitable Energy Transition.

Prior to joining SEForAll, she was an Analyst at The Whitaker Group, a transaction advisory firm with offices in Accra, Ghana and Washington D.C, with a proven track record of driving large investments into Sub-Saharan Africa. While at The Whitaker Group, Nhyira was a member of a team that provided technical and strategic advice to governments and large corporations regarding their investments and policy approaches to interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nhyira has a BSc from Georgetown University in English and Philosophy.  .
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